Vision statement

North Shore Curling Association (NSCA) strongly supports curling as a sport that should be open to the community at large. Being part of the Community Recreational Plan enables diverse community members e.g. seniors, youth, persons with disabilities and others to participate in the traditional Canadian sport of Curling.

The association is committed to teach, develop, promote and advance the Olympic sport of Curling; to develop public youth and adult programs that lead to local, national and international competition.

Volunteers play an important role in curling facilities enabling them to launch special events, bonspiels, curling clinics, coaching, and fundraising.

The NSCA provides a  recognizable entity and structured environment within the curling community where by volunteers are able to present and coordinate their efforts together with a strong voice.

The North Shore Curling Association as a nonprofit society is eligible for funding from a variety of sources to promote and market curling.

The North Shore Curling Association is committed to the future of curling, our youth and junior curling, the next generation of future curlers.



2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

President: Michael Sloan

NSCA Committee Chair: Mark Bailey

Strategic Planning Committee: Liz Goldenberg

Financial Planning Committee: Dave Vyner

Treasurer: Paul Dunkin

Director: Rob Gardner

Director: Brian Ulrich

NSCA Committee Members

Shelley Gardner, Secretary/Website/ Membership

Board of Directors

(left to right):

Top row: Brian Ulrich, Dave Vyner, Mike Sloan, Rob Gardner,
Bottom row: Paul Dunkin, Mark Bailey, Liz Goldenberg

nsca History

Public Curling Has Ended in North Vancouver

Public Curling used to be provided at the North Shore Winter Club through a partnership with the North Vancouver Recreational Commission (NVRC).  NVRC provided some funding and tax incentives for operating a public curling facility.

Curling was one of the founding sports for the North Shore Winter Club back in 1958, and has been the home for many High School, Provincial, National, Olympic and world championship teams.

 Public Curling had been part of the North Vancouver recreation program since the mid 1960's.

As of March 2015, curling in North Vancouver at the North Shore Winter Club, officially ended.  The curling facility was re-purposed to become a hockey training center.

NSCA Objective

The North Shore Curling Association was formed in 2011 by a volunteer group of curlers who recognized the need to promote curling in the North and West Vancouver communities.

The North Shore Curling Association is working on many fronts to procure a curling facility in North Vancouver, one that would be a great curling center and public recreational facility.

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